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Hand Crafted with Love and Tradition

Joann’s Fudge is a third-generation family business. Our fudge is a testament to our family’s unwavering commitment to exceptional confectionery. What sets Joann’s Fudge apart is it’s smooth and creamy texture. Our fudge is slowly cooked in copper kettles over a gentle gas flame and then poured onto marble slabs to cool. The secret to our fudge’s irresistible texture is hand-paddling, a technique passed down through generations. Frank and Joan never tired of sharing with friends and family to spread joy and happiness, especially during the holidays. Our fudge is a labor of love, and it shows in every bite. Choose from six different shipping windows so your Christmas fudge arrives at the perfect time.

Order Mackinac’s Best Fudge for the Holidays

Choose from 6 Shipping Options:
Ships Within Two Business Days (Mon-Fri)
Ships December 5-6
Ships December 7-8
Ships December 12-13
Ships December 14-15
Ships December 18-19

Choose your Joann’s Favorite Fudge Flavors with Gift Box Options from 1 to 5 slices. Don’t forget to add Brittle or Salt Water Taffy!

Christmas on Mackinac Island